Breathe In The Digital Evolution


Pharma Company


Communication strategy, Creative concept, Website design, Direct email marketing, Data analysis, Graphic design

Business need

Design an integrated communication strategy to sustain efforts in the digital world, by disseminating knowledge and fostering research to promote lung health


‘Breathe in the Digital Evolution’ is a biennial communication campaign dedicated to health professionals and the public. In its first phase, it aimed to raise awareness of lung health, air quality and sustainable practices; in its second phase it aimed to raise awareness of empathy in the doctor-patient relationship. The project is made possible by unconditional support from an Italian Pharmaceutical Company.

The Content

The ‘Breathe in the Digital Evolution’ platform is a content hub which includes videos, quizzes, infographics, graphic novels, comic strips and in-depth information on scientific and empathic topics of interest to healthcare professionals and the public. The website provides tips and suggestions on how to promote environmental sustainability and the quality of the environment, as well as a personalized educational path to improve the level of empathy.

The Virtual 3D Stand

The ‘Breathe in the Digital Evolution’ platform experience was enriched by the design and production of a 3D surreal environment that reproduced a natural surrounding with different coloured domes. These spaces welcomed institutional materials, product-centered materials, as well as product videos and technical sheets.

A virtual hostess was there to help virtual visitors and lead the way to discover strategic content.

The personalized "Empathy" education path

The ‘Breathe in the Digital Evolution’ platform, in 2022, evolved in a way that enabled visitors to participate in a survey and trace their level of empathy with regards to their relationship with patients. Based on the questionnaire outcomes, a personalized set of study materials was available for them to study. Materials included interviews, deep dive video pills, thematic decks, graphic novels and comic strips, around the use of telemedicine, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional intelligence etc…