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Creative concept / Landing page / Social media strategy / ADV / Press office Podcast/ Video spot

Business need

Raising awareness about skincare for patients with psoriasis and their caregivers


APIAFCO Associazione Psoriasici Italiani Amici della Fondazione Corazza – wants to be a point of reference for patients with psoriasis and atopic dermatitis and works for their systematic involvement in the treatment process, to make sure the pathologies are covered by health policies and help those who suffer from these diseases in their diagnostic workup.


The campaign, promoted by APIAFCO, co-created with PAG and with the unconditional support of LEO Pharma, is addressed to patients with psoriasis and highlights the importance of taking constant care of the skin, even after the acute stages of the disease, when the skin is fine and it seems healthy. Therefore, the idea behind the campaign is to say “good morning” to the skin as well, by doing a dedicated daily routine that recalls to take care of it every day.


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