Chicco Toys




TV commercial, Digital campaign, Products shooting

Business need

Advertise a new series of toys inserted in three different categories: sustainability, education and interaction


Chicco is an Italian manufacturer of children’s clothing and toys with retail outlets worldwide. With more than 150 shops in Italy and another 160 throughout the world, Chicco offers a range of products, including maternity items for pregnancy and breastfeeding, first baby foods, hygiene and protection, out-and-about and travelling, relaxation and sleep, play, clothes, booties and shoes.
The request was to produce four different TV commercials for four different types of toys: Chicco Bilingual Educational Toys, Chicco Eco+, Chicco Edu4You and Chicco Interactive Plushes.

The Concept

Different concepts have been developed for the four different commercials:
In the ‘Chicco Eco+’ commercial, recycling was depicted as a game which could have been played by the whole family.
In the ‘Chicco Edu4You’ commercial, the focus was on “learning by playing”.
In the ‘Chicco Bilingual Educational Toys’ commercial, the focus is on the effectiveness of the product: children could learn a new language by playing and they can even teach it to their grandparents!
In the ‘Chicco Interactive Plushes’ commercial, the interactivity of the toy gave the children the feeling of playing with a real pet.

The Video Shooting

Actors of different ages (from kids to seniors) have been involved in a 3-days video shooting, which has been filmed in a real house set up as a TV studio.

Commercial - Eco+

Commercial - Bilingual

Commercial - Edu4You

Commercial - Pluches