ESE Biennial Congress


ESE - European Society of Endodontology


Communication strategy, Website design, Social media management, Social ADV, Direct email marketing, Video production, Event reportage

Business need

Redesign the association website with a complex CRM for member database management, along with a new logo and visual identity. Reframe the whole set of activities to stay relevant for members and the broader scientific community of endodontologists around Europe and beyond.


After the “go live” of the new website, a 4 years-collaboration started, leading us to work on different levels: we turned KOL in the endodontology field into true influencers, we made them act in a video marketing campaign, where it was shown how they learned to pronounce Hungarian words to prepare for the ESE next Congress in Budapest.

Soft outcomes

With more than 370 IG stories posted by delegates during the Biennial Congress held in Budapest in 2022, user-generated content became the first go-to KPI used to measure the overall feeling that the ESE has gained a twist as per community engagement, both online and offline.