Io vedo le stelle


LICE - Lega Italiana Contro l'Epilessia


Communication Strategy / Concept / Testimonial sourcing / Social media / Events / Press office

Business need

Consolidating LICE’s institutional role and helping change the attitude of resignation/non-acceptance which is common among people with a chronic disease such as epilepsy.


LICE is a non-profit scientific society which aims at improving the diagnosis, therapy, assistance, research, training and scientific information in the field of epilepsy, as well as overcoming the social stigma associated to this pathology. The main goal is to raise awareness about this topic among patients, caregivers, public opinion, media and scientific community.


I see the stars
A person who suffers from epilepsy could face a lot of obstacles in their life, and the road to a better life is so rough that it could be compared to the efforts that an astronaut must overcome when travelling through outer space. That’s why the campaign focuses on the stars: in the collective imagination, they symbolize desires and high goals and, at the same time, they remind of the sparkles that occur during an epileptic attack. Therefore, the urge to create an ambivalent and impactful concept that aims to raise awareness among people affected by this pathology. The message that the campaign wants to convey is an exhortation not to give up, to have hope and to be aware that, with the right support, nowadays it is possible to reach a better life quality.


The collaboration with LICE has been lasted since 2010 and this important campaign has been made with the unconditional support of Angelini Pharma.