Land in Beauty


SEA Milan Airports


Digital Campaigns VS Targets Worldwide / Landing Page Design & Development / Creative Concept / Stand Design / Social Media ADV Campaigns / BTL / Webseries Production

Business need

Design a multichannel campaign to drive air traffic to Milan and foster local tourism to a global target audience

Integrated strategy

All campaigns target different audiences from various regions of the world, so different languages were used to set up both social media and paid advertising campaigns. Integration was very much needed to connect digital initiatives and offline events, such as two regional tradeshows per year (2022: Routes Bergen, Norway + Routes Da Nang, Vietnam – 2023: Routes Łódź, Poland + Routes Chiang Mai, Thailand) and one world congress (2022: World Routes Las Vegas – 2023: World Routes Istanbul).

Creative Concept - Land in Beauty

The creative concept was designed early 2022, with the aim of celebrating the beauty of Lombardy territories, as well as the charm of its small towns and picturesque glimpses. The creative element plays around ethereal items of the clouds, among which the visitor “flies” to go and discover the panoramas.






The stands

The various sized booths were designed and produced in order to leverage the creative concept, as well as the sourcing of sustainable materials. To the stakeholders involved, the stands represent not only a physical space to meet peers, clients and partners, but also a hub to experience the destination with some installations blending art with technology.

The webseries

As a completion of the integrated marketing campaign a 8-episodes webseries was produced to showcase the beauty of the Lombardy region as per natural landscapes, Milan’s vibrant urban life, regional culinary delights and some awe-inspiring spots in smaller cities.