Manufacture with a twist!


LU-VE Group

Business Issue

Ideate a creative online and offline campaign to position the brand as a reliable, accredited and forward-looking company, with a twist!


Creative Concepts for online and offline Advertising


LU-VE Group is the third largest operator in the world and second largest in Europe in the production of air heat exchangers. Since 1986 LU-VE has been designing and manufacturing its products based on cutting-edge technologies in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration and industrial air conditioning.

What if the market needs clarity when it comes to certified features?

The Concept - Certification

A first creative concept was developed in order to assess and narrate the reliability of the Company regarding the acquired Certification as per sustainability of materials, sound pressure and power capacity.

The Concept - Branding

A second creative concept was developed in order to build trust around the Brand LU-VE as a whole. While celebrating the brand, the narration around sustainability, sound pressure and power capacity was reinforced.