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Business need

Create a new visual identity to reposition the brand from car designer to design house


The main objective of Pininfarina is to renew the brand’s digital presence through some important pillars: relaunch the brand identity, define a tone of communication, enable communication towards new markets and targets and support Pininfarina’s go2market.


The manifesto

A manifesto that identified and positioned the brand emerged from the strategy: Pininfarina led to progress, influencing everyone’s life through the experience of the beauty of the designed products.
The Italian spirit, the elegance, the purity and the innovation were the values on which the brand has been built: values that inspire the world and look forward to the future.

The website

While respecting a target-centric approach, the brand’s personality was the main focus of the website design dynamics.
Pininfarina is a multidisciplinary company with a history that confirms the quality and consistency of the distinctive elements.
A Design Hub that knows how to anticipate trends and be a trendsetter and, as any opinion leader, how to become a constant reference for an extremely vast area of professionals and business sectors all over the world.

The website

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