Website design, Style guidelines, 2020 Catalogue, Promotional video for digital channels

Business need

Refresh of the brand communication, made possible through a new website, a new set of style guidelines and a promotional video for Simonetto's digital channels


Simonetto offers an exceptional and more personal furnishing culture that includes class, taste and refinement, but above all personality and uniqueness of a product that has always satisfied the different needs of a competent and exclusive clientele.
The high-level quality of the products has been highlighted also in the communication materials, from the website to the style guidelines.


The creative concept focused on the uniqueness of the products, which were and still are made by local craftsmen in an area that is famous for the furniture manufacture.
That’s why the payoff “Change every element into something unique” has been brought to life.

New Style

In order to increase brand awareness and define the brand positioning and brand values, a series of communication materials focusing on uniqueness has been produced: a promotional video that highlighted the work of the craftsmen and showed the company’s working methodology; the website, which presents a horizontal scroll that gradually becomes vertical once you enter the different sections; lastly, the 2020 catalogue, which highlighted the origin of the craftsmanship of the products with a focus on Meda, the town where the company is located, and a focus on the four elements: earth, air, water and fire.




Digital commercial