The Art of Dermatology


EADV European Academy af Dermatology and Venereology


The Art of Dermatology


Advertising / Branding / Digital / Research & Strategy / Video / Web Marketing


EADV, the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, had the aim to develop a communication campaign to support the Milan edition of the international Congress.

The creative concept was developed based on the previous editions (already designed and produced by AIM Communication) that celebrated skin with a mind-blowing live painting concept – that took inspiration from Picasso’s art for the Madrid edition and from Klimt’s art for the Vienna edition.

The Creative Concept

This time a graphical pattern was chosen to celebrate design as a typical landmark of the hosting destination. That same pattern was reproduced with the art of body painting on a model, that turned to be the protagonist of the integrated marketing campaign.

The Shooting

The expression of a dynamic Congress was one of the main goals to reach with the overall promotion strategy. Therefore, it was decided to produce a short video trailer to be published on all owned channels. The final product blended studio-shot clips with motion graphics elements.

Digital + Environmental

A multi-channel promotion plan was activated in collaboration with the internal marketing team of EADV. Working files for both digital and offline assets were produced based on specific requirements and dimensions needs, thus enabling a consistent visual representation of the Congress identity.