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Branding / Advertising / ATL

Business need

Creating, designing and producing the next photo shooting to promote premium eyewear with high-profile fashion models Bianca Balti and Cindy Crawford.


Yalea is a new all-female brand of sunglasses and prescription eyewear, designed and produced with women in mind. A timeless, elegant and feminine brand that seeks to be an inspiration for all women by communicating a new vision of freedom of expression and independence from trends. Yalea combines aesthetic and ethical values with eyewear styles that frame the face without concealing . A tribute to inspirational women of different backgrounds, cultures, ages and eras, not necessarily famous but whom, in different countries and fields, have stood out for their life choices, commitment and achievements.


The campaign has featured the design of the creative concept of the Yalea brand, the study of the logo to optimise its readability and its application on the product, the definition of brand guidelines for the launch to the sales network and the implementation of visual merchandising for points of sale. Lastly, the concept and creative direction of the photo shooting with Bianca Balti and Cindy Crawford was managed on site (Los Angeles).


You are special — Here I am
Yalea is a brand dedicated to women that conveys femininity and positivity, natural beauty, fullness of life and awareness. To represent the Yalea woman, it was decided to combine the Sardinian Coral color – a symbol of life and a naturally precious material – with a nude shade that recalls the beauty of nature and sustainability.

The shooting

The two testimonials are both style icons that embody the brand values: timeless elegance and awareness of a natural beauty that also becomes mouthpiece for social commitment, combining aesthetic and ethical qualities. The combination of bright and rich colors, together with the Los Angeles set and the post-production, softens the shot and recalls the main brand values: femininity and elegance.